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Pioneered in 2020, the Cyber League is a cybersecurity movement that brings forth competitions through multiple levels. The Cyber League is fronted by N0H4TS and aims to provide a competitive platform for all students and professionals alike to hone their cybersecurity skillsets while competing at the highest level. We strive to build a thriving community of budding students and professionals to develop expertise and capabilities in cybersecurity for Singapore.

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Challenge Bounty

Ever thought about creating your Capture The Flag challenge?

Here's your chance! Cyber League is looking for awesome challenges to test our players' mettle. Get your name added to our bounty list! Players who attempt your challenge will hear of your legacy.

Here at Cyber League we appreciate your hard work and believe that challenge creators should be rewarded for contributing to the Cyber League. Yes! you heard that right! Approved challenges will be celebrated and creators will be rewarded with cash!

Curious? Checkout our challenge submission process below and start those creative juices flowing!

Challenge Template Submit challenge

Submission Process

1. Download the challenge template from gitlab.

2. Read through our guidelines, T&C and submission requirements.

3. Start developing the challenge! Make sure to check if you have fufilled the submission requirements before submitting.

4. Upon Submission, a confirmation of submission email will sent to you.

5. Once your submission has been confirmed, the Cyber League team will review your challenge. This process may take a while, so please be patient with us.

6. If your challenge meets our requirements and is approved, an email will be sent to notify you together with the reward that you will be receiving.

Reward Criteria

(Updated 19 Dec 2021)
Challenge Diffculty Estimated Time Taken To Solve Reward Amount
Easy 1-3 Hours S$80
Medium 1-5 Hours S$130
Hard 4-24 Hours and Above S$200

Review Process

1. Challenges should not breach the terms and conditions provided in the challenge template and should follow the guidelines provided in order for the challenge to be considered eligible.

2. The Cyber League team will take in to consideration of the suggested difficulty level by the creator but may be changed by the Cyber League team after reviewing the challenge.

3. The challenge creator will be rewarded according to the final difficulty level decided.


1. Challenge submitted must be related to Infosecurity or Cybersecurity topics such as, but not limited to:

  • Web Exploitations
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Binary Exploitation
  • Cryptography
  • Mobile Security
  • Internet of Things
  • Steganography
  • Programming
  • Open Source Intelligence (OSINT)

2. Challenge need not be limited to one topic.

3. Level of difficulty of the challenge can be ranked as Easy, Medium or Hard.

4. Challenge should be solvable within reasonable time, according to the challenge rank

5. Challenges should not encourage brute forcing or require probing of servers. If brute forcing is required for a challenge, the plaintext should be easily found in common wordlists. E.g. rockyou.txt

6. If challenges have the need to be deployed, it is encouraged for the challenge to be containerized either using docker or docker-compose.

7. OSINT Challenge should not require or suggest contact with any real life person.

8. Challenges that are tracked in any online version control platforms for example: github, gitlab, bitbucket and others must be kept private.