Calling for Cybersecurity enthusiasts.

Pioneered in 2020, the Cyber League is a cybersecurity movement that brings forth competitions through multiple levels. The Cyber League is fronted by N0H4TS and aims to provide a competitive platform for all students and professionals alike to hone their cybersecurity skillsets while competing at the highest level. We strive to build a thriving community of budding students and professionals to develop expertise and capabilities in cybersecurity for Singapore.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Cyber League is a Capture The Flag competition that with 4 qualifying and 3 playoffs rounds. The top 8 teams that emerge from the first four rounds will be qualified to take part in the playoffs round. The teams will face off 3 different themed competition that will determine the ultimate winner.

We are aiming to release Cyber League at the end of 2021.

Cyber League will have 4 qualifying rounds and 3 playoffs round.

Students from any level of education are eligible for Cyber League.