Calling for Cybersecurity enthusiasts.

Pioneered in 2020, the Cyber League is a cybersecurity movement that brings forth competitions through multiple levels. The Cyber League is fronted by N0H4TS and aims to provide a competitive platform for all students and professionals alike to hone their cybersecurity skillsets while competing at the highest level. We strive to build a thriving community of budding students and professionals to develop expertise and capabilities in cybersecurity for Singapore.

Start as an Apprentice, get Elite and become a Master.

Frequently Asked Questions


Cyber League is the Next Generation Capture The Flag competition with 2 qualifying and 3 playoffs rounds. The top 8 teams that emerge from the first four rounds will be qualified to take part in the playoffs round. The teams will face off 3 different themed competition that will determine the ultimate winner.

Cyber League registrations are open.

Please refer to here for registration.

Cyber League will have 2 qualifying rounds and 3 playoffs round.

Cyber League is open to individuals who are 18 years of age or older or those who possess legal parental or guardian consent and are fully able and competent to enter into the terms, conditions, obligations, and representations herein.

For further information, please check our Terms of Service.

You can register up to 3 persons in a team.

You can register seperately and we will help you find a team.

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